Achievements for professional

1. Making Contact

There are two ways to get in touch with your interior designer. You can create your project on our website or go to the contact page to contact us directly. We then make an appointment for a site visit and discuss your project.

2. First meeting (Site visit, establishment of the program, specifications ...)

This first meeting is free and allows you to get to know each other, to discuss the needs and wishes of renovation. If you have a current plan, you can communicate it to us, otherwise a precise statement will have to be made by the interior designer. It is also an opportunity to take photos before the work. Following the appointment, a sketch mission proposal will be sent by email.

3. Sketch on two appointments)

At the second meeting, the first sketching proposals will be presented to you. They will be corrected according to your remarks for the third appointment.

4. Full or partial mission contract

When the sketch is validated, a full or partial mission contract will be proposed. The partial mission includes all sides plans, 3D and equipment choices. If you take the full mission, site monitoring is added to the partial mission.

5. Creation of a file of plans and 3D until complete validation of the project.

From the sketch, we build a complete file with detailed plans, sections and 3D views. You can consult a typical file by clicking on this button.

6. Business canvassing and choice of offers

The finalized file is presented to the companies after a visit to the site. Companies realize their costing. Upon receipt of all quotes, we decide together which company will do the work. We have companies to offer you. We also work with companies that you would have been recommended.

7. Site follow-up, weekly meeting and meeting minutes

The duration of the project is defined as soon as the quotations are validated. Every week, a site meeting provides an update on the progress of the work. We send you a report after each site meeting.