Frequently asked questions

The benefits of taking an interior designer are:

  • The design of your project by a professional.
  • The customization of the project according to your tastes.
  • Optimization of spaces
  • The guarantee of the deadlines respected.
  • Cost control.
  • The complete support of the project.

The interior designer listens to the request of his client.
It offers plan in section and 3D.
He verifies the technical and financial feasibility of the project.
It gives a budget envelope.
He follows the site until the complete realization of the works.

The fees of the interior designers are calculated as a percentage of the amount of work (between 12 and 15%). A package can be offered for partial missions or small projects. We draw your attention to the fact that the interior designer is only paid by the client. If you are offered a lower percentage, it is a safe bet that the unscrupulous interior designer is paid a commission by companies.

The contact is made on the premises of future work. The client sets out his needs and wishes. He communicates to the interior designer all useful documents such as plans, photos, contact details of the trustee ... The interior designer checks some of the plans provided and makes photos. If there is no plan, the interior designer will have to make a complete survey.

For the complete renovation of an apartment or a house, it is necessary to count between 1000 and 1500 € of the m², for professional premises, it is necessary between 600 and 1000 € of the m². Of course, this is an average. If the benefits are luxurious, you need more.

The duration of the work depends on several factors such as surface area, complexity, whether the site is occupied or empty. For an apartment of 50m ², it takes about 8 weeks.

The weekly site meeting allows a regular follow-up with the resolution of the questions in consultation on elements having occurred the previous week. This maintains a steady pace of advancement. The company has to report every week.

It is common for a construction site to have both good and bad surprises. Demolishing partitions, we can discover a pretty brick wall and prefer to put it forward. It is sometimes interesting to review some improvements to improve the project. When ordering tiles, delivery may be delayed or canceled. We can either wait or find another tile available. It is therefore necessary to be able to react quickly so as not to impact the deadline too much. When working it is wise to provide a budget margin of 3% for contingencies.