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What is interior architecture ?

The interior architecture is a discipline at the crossroads of architecture and decoration. Indeed, the primary mission of your interior designer is to solve, like classical architects, problems related to the design of living spaces; Nevertheless, its attention to detail and harmony brings it closer to the decorators

Mise en scène m²

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De l'idée à la réalisation

The company of interior architecture "Mise en scène m² " was created by Catherine Boisdon, an interior designer who graduated from the Camondo school in Paris. After 15 years in the service of renowned agencies, Catherine Boisdon decided in 2004 to open her own company of interior architecture in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Recognized and certified by the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI), your architect's skills are no longer to be demonstrated.

Catherine Boisdon

The architecture company "Mise en scène m² " of Paris XIV takes over all the projects of layout and development. The performances of decorations complement the mission of interior designer with the selection of furniture, lighting fixtures, curtains...

Photo de portrait Catherine Boisdon