Sample folder

  1. During the study project, you will have an existing state plan, intermediate sketches and the final project. The project evolves over the course of the meetings and the plans allow a global vision.
  2. The elevations give a vertical view of the project. They make it possible to highlight the proportions and the colors.
  3. The technical plans are used to understand the project and to quantify the companies. This allows for example to locate all electrical outlets and switches.
  4. The Axonométries are general 3-dimensional views. This shows the whole project level by level. This makes it possible to become aware of the volumes.
  5. The plans and elevations of the custom furniture allows to understand the details for the realization.
  6. The outlook puts you inside the project to have a view of the purpose of the work.
  7. The synthetic images are realistic views of the project.